Escape To Belize
Escape To Belize

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Jungle Night Walk

Considered one of the world's last frontiers, the Jungle of Central and South America are home to a complex group of ecosystems that encompass a vast majority of life forms on this planet. The jungle is a world in it's own. A world least understood by scientists. It is here this beautiful yet unforgiving place that the cures to many diseases lay waiting to be discovered. The jungle in all of its beauty has gained the respect of all that have explored it. It is a place of secrets a place that has captured the curiosity of man and scientists who are just beginning to unlock its mysterious powers.

Come and experience this wondrous world and learn what the Ancient Maya People have taken many generations to discover. Just a 5-minute drive from San Ignacio/Santa Elena, your local Belizean guides wait you. Put on your hiking boots and grab you lights because you are about to enter an even more breathtaking and exhilarating place, a place where only a few people have gone. You are heading into the Jungle under the darkest of the night.

Your guides have a great deal of knowledge that has taken them many years to acquire. They have spent all their life venturing into the jungle and are eager to share with you an experience like none other. They will show you and teach you about many different trees, plants and vines that have played an important part in their lives. Some that produce edible fruit, some used for the construction of jungle huts, others that bear medicinal values and even some used for the collection of water.

Along these well-kept and clean jungle trails, you may even spot wildlife such as gray fox, armadillos, paca and kinkajous. These jungle trails meander through a private reserve and spotting or hearing wildlife is not an uncommon thing.

Around the end of the hike you will come upon a replica of a jungle camp used by 'chicleros', men who ventured into the jungle for months at a time in search of 'chicle', a resin from the sapodilla tree, bled from its bark and exported to be used in the manufacturing of chewing gum. It is here that you will meet Paco, a Maya man who for many years made his living as a chiclero extracting this gum resin from the jungles of Belize and Guatemala. As you sit around the camp sipping freshly made herbal tea; you will receive a short lecture on the chicle industry, its history, the life of the chicleros and a live demonstration from Paco on how they climbed these tall trees to bleed them. Paco is eager to share stories of his life in the jungle. He is a modest man who can be considered one of the last true chicleros and medicine men.

Come and enjoy an experience that will remain with you for a lifetime and discover for yourself some of Mother Nature's best-kept secrets.

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