Escape To Belize
Escape To Belize


Belize Dive Sites:
Belize City, Orange Walk, Corozal, Belmopan, 
San Ignacio, Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Dangriga, Placencia, Punta Gorda Belize    AMBERGRIS CAYE
(Northern Main Reef) Twenty-five miles of solid barrier reef, one-third mile from shore with several channels passing through. Mostly deep diving outside the reef in spur-and-groove coral formations.
Rocky Point 70 to 80 feet - Spur and groove. Shallow canyons.
Mexico Rocks inside reef 20 feet - Coral head patches.
Tunnels of Maya 60 to 80 feet - Grown-over canyons. Tarpon run.
Hol Chan 30 feet - Steep channel through reef. Morays, photogenic.
Chaulker Cut 80 feet - Shallow canyons, more fish.

Short walls 40 to 100 feet. Slopes on west. Some sheer drop-offs on east to 70 feet.
N.W. Hauger Wall 40 to 100 feet - Vertical wall then slope.
Rendezvous Point 30 to 80 feet - Wall with groffos. Numerous grouper are found.
Vicente 30 to 80 feet - Short wall. Numerous grouper are found.
Cockroach Slope 80 to 110 feet - Sandy slope to deep drop-off at 90 feet.
N.E. Point - Gentle slope with coral ridges 80 to 90 feet. Shark run.

Most varied and best diving in Belize with many sheer drop-offs starting at 30 feet. No matter where the wind blows from, calm harbor and good diving.
The Abyss 40 to 90 feet - Wall with curious deep fault.
Sarbo Wreck 30 feet - 300-foot freighter aground. Snapper galore.
Tres Cabasas West Point 40 to 50 feet - Wall, current, plankton, tons of fish.
North Long Caye Wall 25 feet - Precipitous walls with great coral.
Half Moon Caye Wall 35 to 80 feet - Always clear, gorgeous, the best.
West Long Caye Wall 35 to 80 feet - Drop-off with numerous grouper.
The Blue Hole 150 feet - Thrilling caverns with stalactites.

Deep walls and lots of fish on the east side with short wall and slopes on the more protected west.
Calabash Wall 70 to 90 feet - Deep vertical wall loaded with fish.
Elbow 60 to 100 feet - Sharp drop-off, lots of snapperd.
Tarpon Creek Slope 60 to 70 feet - Gentle slope with large coral heads.

Protected by Turneffe Atoll. Some spur and groove with several good, deep walls.
Goff's Caye Grooves 70 to 90 feet - Plentiful grouper.
St. George's Slope 60 to 100 feet - Larger coral heads, then drop-off.

Beautiful walls on southeast face. West wall loaded with fish. Generally the diving is outstanding and there are four pretty islands with good anchorages.
Northeast Caye Wall 50 to 80 feet - Gorgeous, sheer drop-offs.
Middle Caye Wall 4 0to 70 feet - More sheer drop-offs.
Southeast Caye Wall 60 to 90 feet - Profuse soil corals on drop-off.
Glover's West Wall 30 to 70 feet - Many grottos and grouper.

Numerous, pretty, small cayes in the reef plateau with good shallow diving inside. The wall outside starts at 70 feet and goes vertically out of sight. Plentiful, fish, deep channel canyons, excellent walls and grottos.
South Cut 30 feet - Deep channel through reef with many coral heads.
Carrie Bow Ridges 90 feet - Canyons perallel to reef.
South Water Wall 90 feet - Canyons on reef wall.

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