Escape To Belize
Escape To Belize


Fishing in Belize

We can arrange the perfect fishing trip for you and your entire family...

1/2 Day Reef Fishing

This trip consists of 4 hours of fishing from 8am to noon or from 1pm to 4pm
Full Day Reef Fishing

A full day of reef fishing can also be offered by local tour guides. This is a full day of adventure for you and your friends. Imagine fishing, fishing, fishing; Imagine all the fish you can catch???

Full Day Reef Fishin, Bar B Que and Snorkel

The trip of all trips... first your guide will come to pick you up at the end of our dock. Then off you go on your journey... The first part of your day, you will spend fishing in the calm, blue water of Belize's barrier reef, then, off you go to a secluded beach on the island where your guide and chef will prepare the catch of the day for a succulent lunch. After lunch, you will be taken to one of our snorkeling locations to enjoy the beauty of our reef.

Snorkel gear is separate and needs to be rented prior to trip.

*Check at the front desk to find out all you need to know about the next tour

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